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I injured my shoulder and was in acute pain. Before testing and despite my thoughts to the contrary, western medical professionals diagnosed a disc problem in my neck. X-rays and an MRI showed no neck trauma yet I was continually referred to spine and neck specialists. Three weeks of intense pain and misdiagnoses led me to Brian. The pain began to lessen with the first treatment and after a month I was mostly pain free. The relief of finding a health professional who would touch the area of pain and apply a direct treatment was extraordinary. A few final treatments and I am cured. It was my first experience with acupuncture and it won’t be my last.
— D.Hainey

I am glad to find Dr Yoon. I’m pregnant. His treatment helps me a lot for my IVF pregnancy. I had less than 10 percent chance to have a baby. I’m 48 years old. Thank you, Dr Yoon.
— F. Ibezim

After a number of fertility treatments I was told that I had a 30% chance of getting pregnant through IVF. To increase my chances I started going to Dana Acupuncture & Wellness Center for treatment about 4 weeks prior to my IVF transfer.

Brian Yoon and his staff are professional and have always made me feel comfortable. My experience has only been positive. Speaking of positive, on 7/9/2015 I found out I was pregnant!!! I am currently 37 weeks along.

When I was 22 weeks pregnant, I was experiencing the worse sciatic pain. First in my left buttock, then in my right. I initially went to a chiropractor, but the pain became so intense that I could not put any pressure on my left leg. I couldn’t even bend over to put on shoes. I also suffered from excruciating tailbone pain and could barely sit for more than 15 minutes at a time. Within the first few sessions of acupuncture , I was CURED!!!! I kid you not!!!! I felt immediate relief after the 1st session. However, the pain began again. After the 2ndsession, I again felt immediate relief, only this time the pain did not return. Eventually the pain started in my right buttock but just like the left, after a session or two, it was gone. GONE! I continued to treat with Brian @ Dana Acupuncture twice a week for about anther 2 months for fear the pain would return. Knock on wood, it has not!!!!!

I really cannot say enough about Brian and his staff. I NEVER write reviews but I had to make an exception being the day I met Brian, my life changed in the best possible way. I highly recommend Dana Acupuncture.
— - M. Stahl

DANA acupuncture helped to stop the severe pain from a kidney stone. After just one treatment, I was not only pain free but also relaxed. I was having a lot of headaches, I think related to the stress of the stone - not knowing what to expect or when the pain was going to hit me. But after acupuncture, I was much better and the stone passed without pain!
— S. Johnson

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— Jonathan L.
Dr Yoon remove my lipoma in my back. I’m glad to visit DANA Acupuncture & Wellness. Without surgery, he did it. Thank you, Dr Yoon
— Ms Chun

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— Hope K.

Dr. Yoon was exceptional to say the least.  I am 22 and I am a college soccer player. I chose acupuncture as a last option for an ailing injury to my knee that had been severely nagging me for 3 years.

No matter what I did the pain was there. Acupuncture with Dr. Yoon was an amazing solution for me that honestly I never expected to help. I was so frustrated with my knee and all the doctors I had seen that I was just looking for anything new and different. Something other than Advil, ice and so on.

Acupuncture released pain, prevented further injury, loosened my body and helped me get through my last season of soccer. And Not only did Dr. Yoon address my knee ... He did everything he could to treat my body as unit instead of just focusing on one part like so much of western medicine does. He focused on my back, neck, hamstrings... And so on. Really... this was an amazing realization for me and I would recommend Dr. Yoon to anyone who is looking for a person who genuinely cares for his patients and will go above and beyond to help you.
— - D. Antonini

Dr. Yoon,
Thank You for the treatment yesterday. My head ache is much better. My right ear does not hurt today. Thank you so much.
— L Jankowski

Dr Yoon is amazing, a true miracle in caring for a multitude of my mysterious auto immune symptoms. Brian was there helping me through it all. His acupuncture techniques helped eliminate the burning pain on my scalp and the itch that was consuming my body. Most of all he relaxed me and got rid of the horrible nightmares that plagued me. His genuine concern shines through to make you feel truly cared for. He has a remarkable gift that he unselfishly shares with his clients. He’s fabulous!
— J. Sim

Dr. Yoon has helped me with so many issues - improving my digestion and recovering from a serious ankle injury. With his excellent care, I was able to make it through the acute stages of the injury without using traditional and potentially addictive pain killers. In spite of his care, the injury evolved into some permanent damage with chronic pain and Dr. Yoon has been amazing at helping manage the pain. Additionally, he is working with me to regain movement in my toes, something months of working with the physical therapist hasn’t been able to do. Dr. Yoon cares a great deal about his patients and has helped me a great deal!
— D.Quilgley